JACKSONVILLE, Fla., Dec. 30, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Latitude 360 (LATX), an award-winning, premier upscale casual dining restaurant that features a “360 EXPERIENCE” with a wide variety of state-of-the-art entertainment options for dining customers, today provided an intra-quarter update reflecting positive 4th Quarter sales momentum going into year-end, including increased same-store year over year sales growth. Through December 28, 2014, the company, on an unaudited basis reported gross sales up approximately 15.5%, while group sales rose approximately 17.8%. These reports come on the heels of strong 3rd Quarter sales growth.

In addition, total sales of the Company’s 360 club membership program, also on an unaudited basis which membership program offers perks like points, 360 comedy club and movie tickets, a personal concierge, and a valet, have exceeded 2300 paying memberships sold; since its June 16, 2014 launch.

As more customers discover Latitude 360’s “360 EXPERIENCE”, membership sales have risen steadily. Along with its membership program, the Company’s 360 Grille Menu focus, high standards of customer service and dedication to the customer experience have strengthened the 360 brand and its evolution into becoming a “Lifestyle Brand” for our growing, loyal customer base.

Coupled with customer satisfaction and sales figures increase, the company continues to make strides in physical growth as well. Latitude 360 projects strong store growth through 2017 with plans to grow the number of stores by 400% from 2014 levels. Additionally, three grand openings of new locations are on their way in several large markets across the United States, including New York, Minnesota, and Massachusetts with sizable capital investments from the Landlords. These dining and entertainment venues average around 50,000 square feet, with the 360 Grille restaurant surrounded by Latitude 360’s many entertainment experiences like a comedy club, luxury bowling, cigar lounge, and sports theater.