Boca Raton, FL / ACCESSWIRE With the economy evolving in ways that can sometimes create a narrow marketplace for luxury retailers or upscale dining, companies in these industries are forced to innovate and adapt in order to thrive amongst recent challenges. Perhaps no other company has posted a better track record in the last several months than the premier dining and entertainment venue operator, Latitude 360 (LATX).

LATX, trading at a bargain rate of 1.80 per share with a market cap in the 230M range, is poised for dominance as an upscale restaurant and entertainment destination. Combining gourmet food with both casual entertainment like bowling and a comedy club, as well as VIP events like its recent Stand Up 2 Cancer viewing party in Pittsburgh, Latitude 360 offers a diverse experience to its customers, and a one-of-a-kind opportunity for investors, as few companies of this ilk are available on the open market.

LATX reaches its customer base through a series of cutting-edge, 21st century marketing and financial strategies, including several progressive moves in 2014 that have propelled the business forward. The Company boasts a business model more in line with privately-held corporations, though comparisons can be drawn to the diverse menus and niche upscale dining atmosphere of a business like Cheesecake Factory (CAKE). However, LATX offers a wide variety of not just menu items, but also exclusive entertainment experiences like the presence of a comedy club. At a time when insiders have assigned neutral or underperforming ratings to CAKE, and the stock, trading at 45.25 with an average volume of 690K, appears to be trending slightly downhill, LATX presents itself as a viable alternative as an entry into the dining market.

Latitude 360 stands to gain both revenue and resources with its move to become a publicly traded entity. In addition to those gains, Latitude 360 has a number of projects in the works, including plans to debut two brand new locations. The first is slated to open in the middle of October, 2014, in a hotbed marketplace of upscale dining and entertainment in New York’s state capital of Albany. The Company recently signed a leasing agreement for the second location, allowing construction costs to be funded by Duke Realty (DRE), which should expedite the opening of the 43,000 square foot venue in the first quarter of 2015, in the Shops at West End located in Minneapolis.

As if any other evidence of LATX’s impending growth were required, the Company made headlines with an announcement of same-store sales growth of 7.7% during the period of July and August, 2014, as compared to the same period in 2013. Though overall revenue numbers for dining and entertainment venues were down during that period, Latitude 360 posted gains in large part through its innovative brand marketing that included a new membership program that launched in June.

Taking the rewards/membership approached employed by countless retailers and applying it in an original format to its dining and entertainment businesses, Latitude 360 upped the ante by offering tiered VIP membership programs that could see revenue totaling up to $600 a year per member. By offering free perks like comedy shows, discounts, and a concierge service that can all be redeemed using points obtained through membership, the Company has instituted a program (Latitude has already sold over 1,000 memberships) that has already yielded dividends both monetarily and through increased customer loyalty, only increasing Latitude 360’s status as a mainstay in the industry.

While a handful of restaurants coupled with variety stores, such as Cracker Barrel (CBRL), have enjoyed mainstream success, even fewer have attempted the unique mixture of upscale dining and entertainment found at Latitude 360. CBRL currently trades at 102.64 and still regularly surges, so the precedent certainly exists, and the possibility of LATX achieving that kind of upside is not unfathomable.

Investors would be hard-pressed to find another publicly-traded company with the same pedigree and unique credentials held by Latitude 360. With two locations set to debut within the next year, a smooth transition to the open market, and a cutting-edge membership program that has already boosted revenue, LATX has laid the groundwork for steady growth and set itself apart as a tour-de-force in an otherwise stale industry.

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