With three award-winning venues in its growing portfolio of luxury entertainment centers, Latitude Global cites bowling as a key to its success and Brunswick Bowling as the leader in the industry. Latitude’s newest venues, Latitude 39 in Indianapolis, Ind., and Latitude 40 in Pittsburgh, Pa., are the latest examples of the company’s research-based dedication to the customer experience with bowling as one of its core offerings.

“We know Brunswick as the 800-pound gorilla in the room,” said Brent Brown, founder and chief executive officer, and chairman of the board, Latitude Global Inc. “We also know that state-of-the-art technology is critical. Our customers demand the most current technology and Brunswick gives us that cutting edge.”

Through its seven “dimensions,” each Latitude venue provides customers with multiple reasons for repeat visits. From its 360 Grille and Axis Bar and Stage, to an outdoor patio and full-service sports theater, Latitude appeals to sports and music fans as well as those who enjoy a quality food and beverage experience. Interactive video and redemption games and a live performance theater round out the mix as well as luxury bowling lanes with an upscale lounge feel.

“Bowling is a key centerpiece for our brand,” said Brown. “It’s one of our important hooks to get people to our venues and to our restaurants. When we started creating our concept back in 2008, I contacted Brunswick because I knew if we were going to do this right, we had to bring in the right people. We really value our relationship.”

Offering luxury bowling as part of its entertainment mix is no accident. “We’re very calculating and strategic in our management. We spend time researching best practices and customer behavior. There’s a reason our guests can dine while they’re watching a movie. And there’s a reason we chose Brunswick Bowling.”

Research-driven decisions are key to Latitude’s continued success Brown explains.

“We’re extremely happy with the response that our luxury lanes are getting in Indianapolis and Pittsburgh,” he said. “The layouts are a little bit different in each city and they both work really well. It’s good to see that we can make slight changes where necessary and remain true to the brand.”

“We’ve been working with Brent and his management team from the beginning,” said Eric Lindfors, Brunswick Bowling’s director of new business development. “It’s a privilege and a pleasure to work together from concept to delivery.”

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