PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Scott Stapp may be known to many as the lead singer of Creed, but his solo work is generating a lot of buzz.

His new solo album, “Proof of Life,” intimately explores his transformation as a human being.

“I go through various emotions on the record and states of being through that process to really define where I was as a human being, while I was growing. It’s really seemed to connect with people because I think it’s common for all of us to grow and change. So, I think emotionally, it really taps into the listener,” Stapp said.

Parts of the album may be a bit darker and heavier than what many have come to know from Stapp, but the lyrical content is really hitting home with the fans.

Listen to the album and you’ll instantly see that Stapp took a very emotional approach to the writing process.

“I most definitely wanted to be sincere and speak from my heart. I always do when it comes to my songs and my music. I think with this particular record, I just wanted to use less imagery, allegory, illusion and analogy so there wouldn’t be any room for interpretation,” Stapp said. “That it was very clear and really deal and talk about the experiences, stories, emotions in a way that I can honestly reflect myself and then, honestly share that through the music. So, there definitely was a decision to avoid some of my poetic senses in the past.”

Whether it be with Creed or his solo work, Stapp said the fans gravitate to different songs for different reasons.
Music can serve as therapy and Stapp said he hears many different stories about how his music may have helped someone during a tough period in their life.

“From my first records with Creed, ‘My Own Prison,’ ‘Human Clay,’ ‘Weathered’ and then ‘Full Circle,’ the fans always seem to connect with various songs and share with me how it resonated emotionally through an experience. The same goes with my solo music with ‘Proof of Life.’ I think – probably every show – I meet a fan who has a different story or a unique story about a song connecting with them where they are,” Stapp said.

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Creed’s last album, “Full Circle,” was released in 2009. So, are there plans to get together and write a new album in the near future?

Stapp said the band does not feel any pressure to release a new one immediately. For him, the timing has to feel right.
“I think, from my perspective, we only want to make music together when we have that drive and feel compelled to get together and be inspired by each other and create,” Stapp said. “Creed is a band and we don’t really have a timeline or feel any kind of impending pressure to put out a new record until it feels right. So, that’s where the band sits. In the meantime, I’m continuing to do what I love and write music and share my story and songs.”

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Stapp recently performed at Latitude 360 as part of his tour to support “Proof of Life.”
According to Stapp, the title track on the album gets both the fans and himself pumped up during a live show.
“’Proof of Life,’ the title track of the album, is really energetic and awesome live. Not only does it connect with the audience, but it inspires a vigor and a passion out of us when we perform it,” he said.
“Proof of Life” is available online through Stapp’s website, which you can visit here: http://scottstapp.com/

5 Questions For Scott Stapp
For every backstage interview we do, we’ll ask the same few questions. Some are music related, others are just for fun.
Here’s what Scott Stapp had to say:

• What was the first album you ever bought?
“I’m gonna say ‘Pyromania’ by Def Leopard. I don’t know if I purchased it, but I borrowed it from a friend when I was 8 or 9-years-old. It changed my life.”

• What is your favorite meal?
“I love food in general. Period. Probably a chicken marsala. That’s a common thing I order on a regular basis.”

•What Is Your Highest Bowling Score?
“248. My dad used to take me bowling with him every week when I was a kid. We bowled a lot, father-son time. One time I got really lucky and it’s only because we bowled so much. If you bowl so much, you’re bound to break 200. So, it was one those fluke bowling games where I think I even had a ball bounce out of the gutter and hit a pin. So, it’s one of those kind of situations. The stars aligned.”

• What is your most embarrassing moment on stage?
“I’ve had a few. Being in front of an arena on a catwalk, where I’m isolated out in the center of the audience, standing there without any distractions. Walking backwards and falling flat on my back. Those have been some moments where I was embarrassed at the time. I’ve walked off the front of the stage. My pants have ripped in the back. I’ve had quite a few – forget words to some of the biggest songs I have. Just in that moment my mind goes blank.”

• What is your favorite thing to do outside of music?
“I love to play basketball and read. From a personal side – spending time with my kids and family.”

By: Casey Shea

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